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Washed Away…

Washed Away…

Yep another FTF!  A clinical psychologist might say that I have an addiction problem.  He might be right.  I cannot help it.  I love the little twinge when I get that new email from Geocaching with the subject “New Traditional Cache”.  I love the bigger twinge when I see that it is close and I have a chance.  I love the anticipation as I (safely & legally) race to the GZ and that final moment of triumph when I see the clean log sheet awaiting my FTF signature.  Ahhhh the rush.

Today was that day.  Being that the cache was newly published and a good ways out of the normal FTF “mad-race-to-claim-the-find-first-signature slot” zone of San Diego, I felt pretty confident of my odds, but one can never really know.  I have come in second on an FTF hunt with the first cacher scoring the honors in under 10 minutes from publish time (I was there about 15 minutes after publish!)

With today’s find, it was a nice drive out into the country on a gorgeous morning.  The cache is called, “Washed Away.”


SEVERE SPOILER ALERT: cache container and location revealed below!


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