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Geocaching Statistics (3-14-15)

Geocaching Statistics (3-14-15)

  • Author: skydive121
  • Date Posted: Mar 1, 2015
  • Category:

I am a numbers weirdo.  I notice palindromes on my odometer.  I find numerical patterns in phone numbers.  I love dates like 07-08-09 or 12-12-12 or that on the 14th of this month at 9:26:53 it will be pi day – 3.141592635.  Yes, I like numbers.

And my obsession with numbers blends great with geocaching.  There are so many number challenges to be had, but how to keep them all straight?

There are a ton of great programs and websites that can help us numerically gifted (and slightly OCD) people out:

The statistics link on one’s geocaching profile (here’s our stats!)


What geocaching sites do you visit?  Post your reply below!

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