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A New Years FTF!
February 82015

Woot woot!  What a way to start the year, an FTF on January 1st! A local cacher had hidden a string of caches in a nearby park on 12/28 and I was unable to get to them.  Finally I had a day off, so I checked the cache pages and they were still unfound.  We loaded up and headed out. A quick 10 minute drive landed us in the first GZ with high hopes.  Kiddo and I hopped out and arg… fresh foot […]

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Washed Away…
December 232014

Yep another FTF!  A clinical psychologist might say that I have an addiction problem.  He might be right.  I cannot help it.  I love the little twinge when I get that new email from Geocaching with the subject “New Traditional Cache”.  I love the bigger twinge when I see that it is close and I have a chance.  I love the anticipation as I (safely & legally) race to the GZ and that f […]

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New Year’s Resolutions
December 72014

I ended 2013 with an FTF on New Year’s Eve and decided to set a New Year’s Resolution to try to get at least one FTF every month this year! I started 2014 off with a real quick FTF on January 2nd, but some months really came down to the wire. Today concludes my resolution with my December FTF coming on Witch Creek CDF cache. We spotted the cache location as we drove up to the GZ and we […]

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FTF baby, oh yeah!
November 42014

I love the FTF as you are well aware by now.  For this hunt, team SBlookers and I were in NYC and I saw this one had just published so off we went early the next morning (okay kinda early – noon – but in our defense, we were on west coast time!)  I was a little worried when we arrived at the GZ because there were footprints, very fresh footprints, all over the place.  ARG, had we been […]

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Yes, another FTF! I love the anticipation of racing (well, obeying all traffic laws in an attempt to get to the GZ as quickly as possible) and the thrill of a clean log sheet. This video pretty much sums it up.     SEVERE SPOILER ALERT: cache container and location revealed below!    

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FTF Surprise
July 172014

Yes, another post about an FTF attempt.  What can I say?  I love them. Here is my “Found It” log:    Found it 07/11/2014 FTF baby, oh yeah  I saw this one publish on my way home from Costco. So I hustled up and tossed the cold items in the fridge and jetted back out. I hit the GZ at 2:00 pm and made the quick find on the quiet street. I quickly opened the container and pulled out […]

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Admittedly, I am an FTF hound.  Yep, there it is, out there for everyone to know.  I love FTF’s… and I have hunted them down at all hours, in all locations, through rain and swarms of bees, up hills, down hills and back again. This little FTF adventure was due to an incredibly stupid early show time at work, fortunately that fresh, clean log sheet gave me a little boost – quite i […]

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