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Top 10 Clues that you are NOT the FTF

Top 10 Clues that you are NOT the FTF

Here are 10 things that might indicate that your quest to be the first to find on a cache has failed:

10.  The cache already has 215 favorite points.

9.  You see fresh footprints heading up the same trail you are traveling.


Picture taken on a three cache STF run!  Yes, those prints are from the FTF’er!


8.  You see head lamps bobbing up and down and all around about 30 feet off the trail.

7.  It is 4:30 am and there is a car coming from the other direction on a dirt road that you are pretty sure is all but abandoned.

6.  You see someone sitting 10 feet from a lamp post that keeps checking their cell phone while waiting for the car parked nearby to vacate.

5.  As you enter the GZ, you notice a fair amount of rocks that have been over-turned.

4. The cache that just published is only 223′ from your buddy’s house… and he is an even worse FTF hound than you!

3.  There is a car parked nearby the GZ and, actually, it is parked exactly where you would have parked.

close parking

 Hmmm, can you say LPC?


2.  The car parked by the GZ has a geocaching bumper sticker.

1.  You unroll the log sheet and see skydive121’s name already inked on the page!


FTF baby, oh yeah :)

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