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FTF Surprise
July 172014

Yes, another post about an FTF attempt.  What can I say?  I love them. Here is my “Found It” log:    Found it 07/11/2014 FTF baby, oh yeah  I saw this one publish on my way home from Costco. So I hustled up and tossed the cold items in the fridge and jetted back out. I hit the GZ at 2:00 pm and made the quick find on the quiet street. I quickly opened the container and pulled out […]

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Here are 10 things that might indicate that your quest to be the first to find on a cache has failed: 10.  The cache already has 215 favorite points. 9.  You see fresh footprints heading up the same trail you are traveling. Picture taken on a three cache STF run!  Yes, those prints are from the FTF’er!   8.  You see head lamps bobbing up and down and all around about 30 feet off the tra […]

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