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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

  • Author: skydive121
  • Date Posted: Dec 7, 2014
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I ended 2013 with an FTF on New Year’s Eve and decided to set a New Year’s Resolution to try to get at least one FTF every month this year!

I started 2014 off with a real quick FTF on January 2nd, but some months really came down to the wire.

Today concludes my resolution with my December FTF coming on Witch Creek CDF cache. We spotted the cache location as we drove up to the GZ and were rewarded with a clean log sheet to sign!


SEVERE SPOILER ALERT: cache container and location revealed  below!




Witch Creek CDF FTF


And just in case you were wondering, here is our FTF list for the year:

1/2/14 GC4W6V3 TSJNAC #3
1/14/14 GC4X049 Too Much to Carry
1/22/14 GC4XCQC Cache of the Day – Cobia
2/12/14 GC4YFB2 Another Beer for my Horses
2/12/14 GC4YFWW Go Green
3/23/14 GC50VPA Mollusk cache of-the-day-atlantic-sea-scallop
3/31/14 GC51CJ5 Calavera Hills Volcanic Plug
4/17/14 GC52GBH Cedar Creek Trail
5/30/14 GC55XC9 Freshwater cache of the day – Largemouth Bass
6/1/14 GC55BT3 PH – Not My Fault
7/2/14 GC582C5 The Legacy of Captain Red
7/2/14 GC582CF Dat Moss Do?
8/12/14 GC5AQ7F SNM
8/24/14 GC58VH1 Helicopter Rescue Viewing Area
9/1/14 GC5C3M7 Mount Gower Open Space Preserve
9/18/14 GC59GHX South Clevenger Trail Head
9/18/14 GC5D610 Are you local?
9/23/14 GC5DFC7 Cows and Airplanes
10/16/14 GC5EXBK Cable Goes Thru
10/16/14 GC5EXCA A Pile With A View
10/27/14 GC5FGTX MRF1 – Point Beach
11/26/14 GC5GT05 Find me, Find me not
12/6/14 GC5HFTX Witch Creek CDF

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