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Fellow cacher “Thee Dragon” finds Spongebob

Fellow cacher “Thee Dragon” finds Spongebob

I recently found one of TheeDragon’s caches (read all about it here).  Now TheeDragon wanted to share the spot light with another great cache that he had just found.  “Spongebob Square Cache” has been found 42 times with 35 Favorite Points awarded.

Here is what TheeDragon had to say and his Found It log:

The C/o put some time into the making of this cache.  Near the area where my cache you found in the Chino area.  Made us all laugh when we found it.  A must find for those that haven’t done it yet.

Found it Found it

Found with Unsanctified while out for a day of caching in the area. We saw how may favourite points this one had, so we just had to come find out. Wow. Very nice job on this container. We really enjoyed this one. Thanks for all your hard work that you put into this. Gets a fav from me. TFTC


SPOILER ALERT:  Cache container and location revealed!


TheeDragon SpongeBob TheeDragon SpongeBob 2


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