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Themed Caches and Hot Finds

Themed Caches and Hot Finds

  • Author: skydive121
  • Date Posted: Jul 23, 2014
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I love caches that are placed for a reason… when a CO (cache owner) sees a particular spot and the spot just calls to him to place a cache there!

I had just finished working nearby and was about to head home when the urge to score a smiley overcame me – so out came the smart phone and I was rewarded with 2 caches within .5 miles – hooray!  Both caches appeared to be fairly easy by their descriptions and with the sweltering heat – okay maybe 97 degrees isn’t sweltering, but its still pretty warm in my books – I was off to the GZ.

The first cache was called “Tanked Cache“.  Here’s why:


SPOILER ALERT:  Cache container and location revealed!



Tanked in Ontario

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  1. Wow, first time anyone has ever put one of my caches on a blog site. Glad you enjoyed it. Great pictures. I remember I put this cache there because I thought this old relic deserved some recognition. Well, I guess it is getting it now.

    Michael – TheeDragon

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