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The 7 Souvenirs of August

The 7 Souvenirs of August

  • Author: skydive121
  • Date Posted: Jul 31, 2014
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Geocaching just announced their August 2014 Challenge – the 7 Souvenirs of August.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 9.50.55 AM

Last year’s challenge was to find a cache a day (sounds familiar eh?) for the entire month.  The reward was a souvenir for each day you found a cache. This year’s challenge is a little more simple… or complex depending on where you live!

Here is what has to say:

The 7 Souvenirs of August

Traditional geocaches are the delicious bread and butter of geocaching. You look it up, go to the coordinates and — Boom! It’s there. Everyone high fives and it’s on to the next one.


This August, your mission is to explore more of the geocaching universe. Find specific geocache types and earn six unique souvenirs for your geocaching profile. Not sure which geocache type to find first? Take the quiz and discover your geocaching personality. Once you earn all six, you’ll be among the super-cachers that unlock a special seventh souvenir. Then you’ll be all set to show off your status with swag from Shop Geocaching.

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