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The 7 Souvenirs of August – 2 Down!

The 7 Souvenirs of August – 2 Down!

  • Author: skydive121
  • Date Posted: Aug 10, 2014
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Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.13.00 PM


Alright, there is number two!  I grabbed an Earthcache to unlock the “Nature Lover” souvenir.  This was a cool earthcache in the heart of Sacramento.  Arcade Creek Earthcache brings you to this little creek running through the middle of town.

As a bonus, this cache has a traditional cache, benchmark and Munzee all within a 100 feet of it!  Cha-ching!



SPOILER ALERT:  Cache container and location revealed!

Arcade Creek Earthcache


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