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Night Caching: Great or Grim? – Video Cache

Night Caching: Great or Grim? – Video Cache

Sometimes a night cache is unavoidable, such as my 3:15 am FTF.  Other times, we can choose to hunt down a geocache while basking in wonderful sunlight or attempt the find under the cover of darkness.

Here is Night Caching Pro/Con list that I have come up with over the years:

Day Pro: It’s light out!
Night Con: It’s dark out!


Day Con: Muggles – lots of them.
Night Pro: Muggles – all in bed by now.


Day Pro: Cache container easy to spot.
Night Con: Cache containers may be hard to spot.


Day Con: Containers may be hard to spot.
Night Pro: Containers may reflect the light from your torch!


Day Con: All the FTF’s are posted at night.
Night Pro: All the FTF’s are posted at night!


Recently SBlookers and I hunted down a cache at night with pretty good success.  Check it our below:


SEVERE SPOILER ALERT: cache container and location revealed  below!



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  1. Thanks so much for checking out our Geo-Pro cache and for featuring it on your site!! Next time you’re in the area, go for our new “Save the Goondocks” Goonie’s series. We’ve had a lot of fun finding these locations and building some very unique containers. Thanks again, have a great weekend. Team_N (Mike and Rebekah)

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