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International Geocaching Day!

International Geocaching Day!

  • Author: skydive121
  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2014
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Today was International Geocaching Day 2014 and everyone who logged a find today earned a new souvenir.  This one took a little more effort than planned.

I started with a DNFA on Magnetic, Green Power Box:

Didn't find it Didn’t find it

Well this attempt was not so much a DNF as a DNFA (did not fully attempt).

I drive by this cache every day to and from work. I was saving it for a nice simple p-n-g. Yes, I had read the cache name ONLY and been down at the dead end before and figured it was, well on the big green power box as the name implies. An easy 1/1 grab to be had on the way home. 

I needed my cache for today – International Geocaching Day – and was pretty tired from my day at work, so I figured I would nab the easy smiley and continue home. NOPE! 

I parked next to what I assumed was the GZ and looked around a bit. No cache. Hmmm… I whipped out the smart phone app and it pointed 160 feet that-a-way –> What?!? In the bushes? No this can’t be… oooohhhhh… D2.5 T2.0, this is starting to make sense now. 

I walked a ways down, but given that I was in full work attire, I abandoned the hunt to return at a later date more properly prepared. 

I shall return! 

But I was not beaten, oh no!  I cached on.  Attempt #2: Cutie’s Cache

Found it Found it

Just what I needed – a quick and easy smiley. I was on my home from work and needed a find for today – International Geocaching Day. 

I had already attempted another cache enroute to my house, but DNF’ed (that’s another story all together). 

Fortunately I was able to park nearby, grab the cache, earn my International Geocaching Day 2014 souvenir and be on my way home in under 5 minutes.


SEVERE SPOILER ALERT: cache container and location revealed below!



Cuties Cache


And now, with no further ado…. drum roll please…. my new souvenir:

International Geocaching Day 2014

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