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A Place for Everything…

A Place for Everything…

And everything in its place.

My mom said this to my brother and I a million times as we were growing up.  And it actually stuck (thanks mom)!  This great phrase applies to all kinds of situations and yes, even geocaching.

First, when you decide to hide a cache, you need to make sure that said place is safe, secure and follows GC’s guidelines.  But it also applies to us finders as well.  The cache hider chose that specific place and hide technique for a reason and we should try to keep it that way.

SPOILER ALERT:  a super secret hide type revealed below!




Crooked cache placement

Note how the previous find left this clever hide completely crooked!  Even a muggle might take a second look at this one.

When we find a cache, part of our responsibility is to replace it as the original hider intended.  Take that extra minute and square up the fake cover, rebuild that UPR (unusual pile of rocks) or hang that bison tube just right. In the end everyone wins!

Thanks readers for listening to my rant on this one :)

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