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A New Years FTF!
February 82015

Woot woot!  What a way to start the year, an FTF on January 1st! A local cacher had hidden a string of caches in a nearby park on 12/28 and I was unable to get to them.  Finally I had a day off, so I checked the cache pages and they were still unfound.  We loaded up and headed out. A quick 10 minute drive landed us in the first GZ with high hopes.  Kiddo and I hopped out and arg… fresh foot […]

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Team sblookers and I were out grabbing a few caches in Sedona and we ran across this cool container!  I love the creativity of geocachers… Check out this cache:   SEVERE SPOILER ALERT: cache container and location revealed below!  

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This was a fun geocache I scored while on the road.  I have seen this type of hide before making this find a little easier, but it still is a great cache container!   SEVERE SPOILER ALERT: cache container and location revealed below!  

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Friends and fellow cachers “SBlookers” sent me a picture of a super fun cache they recently found.  SBlookers (at least Pappa Looker) and I have nabbed caches all over the country and even found a few abroad! This cache is one of the reasons I love geocaching:  a cool cache highlighting a cool place.  Geocache BB-61 USS IOWA highlights a retired battleship moored in the Port of Los Ang […]

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Whoohoo – 366 Days!
March 142014

We just finished filling in all 366 boxes in our Finds for Each Day of the Year grid.  Yep, we have found a cache on every day of the year including the elusive Leap Day on February 29th! I noticed this stats box about 15 months ago, January 2013, and decided that the grid needed to be all green! A cache for each day of the year is all we needed and so we started.  A cache on January 4th, another […]

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In its natural habitat
February 192014

I love geocaching… and one reason is for the creativity that cachers put into their hides.  This particular cache left me smiling because it is a classic cache container.  I was in the hunt for an FTF on this cache, but ended up as an STF (second to find).  It was still a fun hike on a gorgeous SoCal morning.   SPOILER ALERT:  Cache container and location revealed!   A rare photo o […]

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